Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Results Are In….

So, after 12 (gruelling?) weeks of early, cold, dark mornings, weights training sessions a week, additional cardio sessions and an dietary over-haul, I know you're hanging out to find out whether it's all been worth it. 

You know from my posts that despite being totally over-whelmed in the beginning (at one point I just wanted to cry forever because I felt like I was either shopping for groceries or preparing them and never to set outside the kitchen again!) I have been extremely happy with the programme. Happy enough to want to continue this as a life-style change, plus follow the next round of 12wks of training.

It has taken me 12 full weeks to succumb to the fact that I actually no longer need to eat snacks. Ever. 
I simply eat another complete meal. Maybe it's all in the wording, or simply in my head but in the beginning I really struggled with this. The food I believed I needed in between my meals has always been known to me, and the rest of the non-MP world as 'snacks'. However, just the other day I came home from work thinking "ooh it's around 3 hours since I last ate (formerly known as lunch), it must be meal time again" *insert happy face here as eating again is always so exciting*. Having consumed this meal, I then quite happily go on to consume my evening meal (formerly known as dinner), which would be meal # 5 or 6 for the day. One could be forgiven for thinking that it would be virtually impossible to lose weight/body fat in this manner. Friends & loyal readers,  I am here to tell you otherwise. I consume more (in volume) now than ever before. My weight has not changed. (I do know plenty of people that have successfully lost lots of weight on this programme, but this was not a goal for me). I no longer count or feel the need to count calories. In fact the only counting I do is to make sure I have at least 6-meals per day, more if I have the time. It's kind of like feeding a new-born every three hours. I can highly recommend it.

Felicity - thank you - you are an inspiration to work with and made the early mornings so incredibly pleasurable. 
Lynn - my training partner - having a partner in crime halves the pain and doubles the gain. Thank you! 

I'm really looking forward to training with both of you again soon.

Patrick - my amazingly supportive husband - thank you for throwing me in at the deep and and then backing it up to support my cause by getting the kids organised and to school on time on these early mornings. I trust you can continue with this new routine.

My readers - that's all of YOU - thank you for keeping me on track, keeping me accountable and allowing me the self-indulgence of blogging about ups and downs these past weeks.

So, without further ado (I've always wanted to have a reason to say that) I really am very excited to share these results with you. My ever awesome Metabolic Precision Trainer; Felicity O'Meara, Vikara Body Transformations (did you spot the subtle plug there?) has compiled this fantastic report for me, rather like an end of term school report ;)

BB Squat:                           20kg (bar)  to  42.5kg OVER DOUBLE
BB Deadlift:                       29kg  to  50kg
BB Split Squat:                  15kg (bar)  to  27.5kg

Lat pull down:                     Level 4  to  Level 7
Seated row:                          22.6kg  to  32.2kg
BB Bench press                  15kg (bar)  to  35kg OVER DOUBLE
Dips:                                    Blue band  to  small orange!! (next level is unassisted!)

Body Composition:
Believe it or not, there is officially 25.5cm less of me now! No change in kilograms on the scales so it just goes to prove how much denser and leaner muscle is when compared to body fat.

Aside from the very pleasant results, I also notice changes in my general posture. The photos show how it is straighter and stronger in my upper body now. 

Shoulders: Lost 1cm
Chest: Lost 1cm
Arm: Increased 1cm (I have biceps now!)
Narrowest Waist: Lost 3cm
Navel Measurement: Lost 9cm 
Hips: Lost 12cm
Glutes: Increased 0.5cm (Non-surgical butt-lift right here!)
Thigh (saddlebag): Increased by 0.5cm (but visibly less fat)
Thigh: Decreased 0.5cm
Calf: Decreased by 1cm

Goals reached:
  Reduce navel by 4cm (over double what I aimed for!!)  - Nailed it!
û    Reduce hips by 4cm (something to aim for next program) 
 Dips with the red band - Nailed it!
  Dips with the orange band - Nailed it!

Here they are - the before & after photos

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