Monday, 6 July 2015

Photos from my latest training sessions

Week 10 - I thought this week I'd simply show some photos of my weight training sessions. This is what I've been getting up at 5.30am twice a week for. And yes! I do think it's worth it. 

I do upper-body weights one session and lower body for the other. Each session takes about 30-45mins to complete. I usually train with one other woman so we get a small rest in between each set. (the only photos missing are the sets of row-pulls.)

I'm particularly proud of the Lateral Pull Down exercises as I've never had lean visible back muscles before. Plus, overall I'm lifting weights that I never imagined yet not walking around looking like The  Incredible Hulk!

It's good for me to see the progress, particularly now as this weekend (just past) would/should have been my full-marathon debut on the Gold Coast. I did feel a bit sad when hubby text me to say that he was in the start-shute and the atmosphere was fantastic. There's still a part of me that wants to run. I haven't been running much at all, only what I really need to do for my cardio sessions. This has amounted to not much more than 4-5km once or twice per week. So much less than I ever used to do. However, I am still struggling with calf-injury issues (the other calf is playing up now that the first one has healed), so I know I just have to give it time. Lots of time.

Lateral Pull-Down. Level 6. 8 Reps x 2. 

Bench Press 30kg. 8 Reps - x 2

Dips - Thin Red Band. I think I managed 5 reps (out of 8) x 2. It got a bit messy in the middle. I'm pretty happy with these though as I have well-exceeded the band level that we had set as the 12-week goal.

 Dead Lift - 45kg. 6 Reps x 2. 

Barbell Squat - 40kg. 
6 Reps x 2 
Uni-lateral Lunges. 27.5kg. 6 Reps x 2 (each side)

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