Monday, 29 June 2015

Food Prep and Other Stuff

For anyone that missed my mini-post on Facebook on Sunday, here is a photo of this week's prep session.   

Having shopped for groceries the previous day and not having enough room in the fridge to store all the fresh goodies, I had no choice but to knuckle down and get cooking. 

Here is a list of what was prepared:

Minestrone Soup (sans pasta)
3 x salad blends
Bolognaise/Con Carne hybrid 
Chicken Thigh Bake
Sauted Chicken Thigh Fillets
Brown rice, quinoa & bowls of chopped veggies to be used as add-ins

Now, this was all started well and good. It felt fantastic knowing that I'd barely have to touch a pan for the rest of the week, once everything was portioned into lunch/dinner containers.

However,  in my excited eagerness to get all of this done, I omitted to eat whilst preparing all this yummy stuff. The cooking marathon somehow took me over 4hrs and by the end of it I was literally a quivering, super grouchy,  blob of jelly as my blood sugar levels had plummeted to an all time low. I'd overstepped my eating-window/hunger thresh-hold big time. Oh the irony!!! 

The other 'problem' was when I went to portion it all we ran out of containers, but that was easily solved by sending hubby to buy some more. Now I just need a bigger kitchen with more cupboard space to keep them all. Oh and believe it or not, the cooler section in the fridge is still bursting at the seams with unprepared veggies ready for the next round!!

I was also asked this week what a typical day of eating looks like now, so here is a summary. You can also take a look at my post from a couple of weeks ago, which included food ideas & recipes (It's all about the food - recipes & more 18/6/15)

7am Breakfast -  eggs/tofu with veggies
10am Mid morning -  protein shake* with fruit/veggies
1pm Lunch -  a protein (meat or fish) with veggies
4pm Afternoon - protein shake* with fruit/veggies
7pm Evening Meal - a protein (meat or fish) with veggies
9pm'ish -Yoghurt with fruit

*protein used in a shake might be a protein powder or simply a dairy source of protein such as almond milk and/or yoghurt.

To all of these meals I would add a source of Omega-3 
If I am training I simply add grains/pasta to the relevant meals.

Sometimes, believe it or not, I might even add in an extra 'meal/snack' somewhere. This usually happens when I cannot eat my meals at regular intervals (feeding every 3 hrs like one would feed a baby ;) - this is where having those quick snacks to hand is very important. Seriously, If I don't eat this regularly I get massive blood sugar level dips and end up much like I did when doing this weeks food prep.

Of course, all of this is done in accordance with my strength & cardio training sessions (3-4 a week). I do not know how this would look/affect me if I wasn't training. I am sure I my body would be grateful for the clean eating & truck loads of veggies and would surely be losing body fat,  but I wouldn't be gaining the lean muscle at the same time. It's a two-way street. One certainly goes hand-in hand- with the other.

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