Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Well, here we are, over halfway into week 5. I promised last week that I would update you with the progression of my goals. Here it is.

The Good
So far, I have nailed 2 out of 3 of my ongoing goals. These goals were set out at the start of the programme, and revisited at 28, 56 & 84 days.

1) - to reduce waist measurement by 4cm
Nailed it! I had set a mini-goal to have reduced this measurement by 1cm at the 28day mark . At this latest check-in, it seems that I have already reduced by 5cm. Neither my lovely trainer or myself could really believe this so we re-measured, 4 times!  This does seem a little extreme. I have noticed that my waist-line looks and feels leaner and those and clothes are fitting neatly again. I did not think for a moment that it would be this much. I still don't quite believe the numbers, so for the time being, I'm put 2cm, possibly 3cm down to actual fat-loss and the rest to excessive bloating on day 1.  

2) - to be able to perform (Tricep) dips with the thin orange band
Nailed it! It seems that I am flying through these coloured bands like a unicorn over a rainbow. I am totally flabbergasted by this as I really thought this would take a lot longer. I couldn't quite manage 2 x 10reps on this band this morning, but I'm taking the 1 x 10rep + 1 x 8rep that I did manage, and running with it, waving my arms in the air like I just do not care! I guess we'll re-assess this goal next week.

The Bad
3) - to reduce thigh (saddlebags) measurement by 4cm (1 cm at 28day mark)
Ummm, so today's measurement actually shows an increase of 1cm in this area - totally not what I wanted. However, as none of my clothes feel any tighter and no-one has come up to me from behind and said "OMG! have you looked at the size of your backside this week!", I'm putting this measurement all down to an increase of muscle tone. You should see what I can squat these days! Either this or it just seems bigger because my waist is so much smaller now ;)

Seriously, I'm not bothered by this at this stage. If in another couple of weeks it's still going up I will do some major re-assessing, but for now, I'm good with this. 

The Ugly
Last week I mentioned 'detox'  and how it occurred to me that my body is undergoing a detox of sorts. Less (almost no) sugar, a change in the type of fats consumed plus and over-load of veggies. I also mentioned that this was having an epic effect on my emotional well-being (I think it was actually not-so-well-being at the time but all is good now). Yes, my emotions are sorted (as much as they ever will be for being female, but the detox continues. I love the digestive detox, it's almost like have a natural  (and free) colonic irrigation every day. Who'd have thought?!!  What I am not loving however is the effects on my skin. One would think that with the vast shipments of veggies now being consumed in our house, that my skin would be silky clean and possibly a shade of green. Sadly not. I have break-outs on on my forehead that put the worlds volcanic eruptions to shame and as soon as one disappears another one or six seem to appear. Overnight. Without warning. How rude!! My saving grace is that I work with a bunch of amazing beauty therapists and I put my full faith into whatever they suggest in order to get my skin looking normal again.

Next week marks the half-way mark of this programme, where we do a full-body re-measure. I'll also re-do some photos which I will post, to compare with my original ones.

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