Friday, 29 May 2015


Now that I've completed the first 4wks of this programme (already 1/3 of the way through!!) it's almost time to reassess and check-in on my goals. These get done at 28days, 56 and 84 days. To make this true and fair, I figured I should share with you, my lovely readers, what my goals actually are before getting them reassessed at my next nutrition session.

For the programme we only had to state 3 goals, all of which must be measurable. e.g. to say "I want to get fitter" is not measurable. So, here are my 3:

1) - to reduce waist measurement by 4cm 
This s a challenge in that I am not necessarily looking to lose kilo's so it will be interesting to see how this goes

2) - to reduce hip measurement by 4cm 
As above but should be easier as there's a whole lot more 'excess' in this area to tone up!

3) - to be able to perform (Tricep) dips with the thin orange band.
This meant absolutely nothing to me when I started as I have never used resistance bands for training before. Actually, I've never bothered with any sort of dips other than the edible type. But as shown in the 'Ooh look it's a Human Catapult' post, there are different widths of bands to help with resistance for this exercise. The stronger you get, the less band width/resistance you need to use. I started on the thick blue band.

One last personal goal that is not covered in this programme is to be able to do chin-up, even assisted ones. I've never been any good whatsoever at upper body lifts. Monkey bars, rope climbs and rock climbing activities have always been way out of my capability zone. So, these I'll practice doing by myself when I go to the gym and try to gradually decrease the amount of resistance I need for help. I also need to engage my brain enough to figure out exactly which of my muscles I need to engage to do this fabulous trick. I always think it looks so snazzy and would love to be in the "I can do chin-ups club' one day!

So, Tuesday is check-in day. I'll be sure to let you know how I'm doing.

And finally… (bench presses are not a stated goal for me, however, I've never done them before this programme and feel pretty proud of this little effort so I just wanted to share)

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