Saturday, 2 May 2015

A Pictorial Journey Through the Ages

With the impending start date of my new Metabolic Precision Challenge now so very close, I thought I'd share with you my 'body journey' over the last few years.  OK, so perhaps it's not quite 'through the ages' but you get the picture. To give you a glimpse of my background; as a child I always remember being 'the chubby one'. As a teenager I struggled with a clear image of myself, swinging from one eating extreme to the other. (I got it into my head that I had a weight problem, but looking back I see now that I really didn't at all - I also believe this is when my fixation with 'reading the numbers on the packets' began). Most of my adult life I've kept within a pretty good/healthy weight range, always being food/healthy eating conscious, but I get lazy. Most of us do. 

I'm certainly the 'type' to try this and that but try to steer clear of the latest fads. What I've never been able to do is work out what works best for me long term, for my body type and for my level of exercise. This is what I really hope to achieve from this new challenge. I reiterate when I say I'm not doing this challenge for weight-loss, nor is it a fast fix diet of only eating certain prescribed foods, specific formulation of shakes, calories, grams of carbs or fats. 

I'm doing this programme to (hopefully) gain the holistic balance between the right type, quantity & timing of food together with the right quantity & quality of training to best suit and my body type. 

To quote from the creators of Metabolic Precision... 
"Because today is another chance to get it right". 
 March 2011 - ca Sep 2012 - July 2013

February 2013 - July 2013, before and after Michelle Bridges 12wk Transformation.
I love these photos as they really show 'what I was' and 'what I can be'.
I lost around 10kg in weight during that time, with a strict (calorie controlled) diet and half-marathon training programme. I didn't however focus on my strength training, hence very low muscle tone

Running fit, feeling strong. October 2013.
At this point, although I was running quite a lot, I was also doing some
strength training which clearly helped tone those arms & shoulders!

This is me as I stand ready for my the
Metabolic Precision 12wk Transformation. 

The side profiles (below) very clearly show how weak (lazy!) my core and stomach muscles are. Although I stand fairly upright, my left shoulder drops considerably lower than the right. I tend to sink into my lower back, where I have a natural curvature of the spine. This gives me compromised posture and lower back issues. 
These are all areas that I will be focusing on, together with upper-body strength and conditioning. 
Oh, and not to forget the all-important butt-lift!

So, we can clearly see that changes can be made. That alone gives me faith in what I am about to do. I'm no-where close back at where I began, however, I've let my nutrition slip and I really don't want to be counting calories any more - it's only ever a short term solution, and it hurts my brain. 

Yes, I'm currently at a pretty good fitness level and have a decent level of cardio stamina, but that still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I have full belief that my trainer (yes, that's you Felicity O'Meara) will create and guide me through an awesome, butt-kicking (aka butt-lifting) training & nutritional programme for me. 

Tuesday is Game-Day - It's ON!