Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ooh Look! It's a Human Catapult!

Well it's a good thing I set 2 alarms for the first morning of my new training. I can't recall when I last slept through my alarm, but somehow I managed to completely miss my 5.30 wake up buzz. Thankfully at 5.40 my sleepy brain had come to the party and I awoke with a feeling of light anticipation. I knew I still had plenty of time as I'd carefully prepared and set out everything I needed the night before. All I had to do was get dressed, grab my things and go. About 200m down the road I thought that it was unusually hazy. Dark yes, but I was suspicious about the fuzziness around me. Then it occurred to me that in my 'very organized' complacency I'd totally forgotten to put my contact lenses in. Good one Sarah! After all I've only been wearing them every single day of my life for, let's see, about 26 years!  Rushed home to correct this with just enough time to spare to allow me to still get there, just on time.

I met up with my trainer Flick and my new training partner, Lyn (oh we're going to have some fun together), ready and raring to go. Flick announced that today's session would be upper body, and Thursday will be legs. Um, Yay? Upper body - my least favourite. Oh well best to jump right on in.

All was going pretty well and relatively straight forward until Flick demonstrated the 'dips' (sadly not the food version) we would be doing, using bands for assistance. In Flick's own words, Lyn and I looked at her as if she'd asked us to jump off a bridge! For anyone that hasn't seen/done these before, it's basically a very large human sized rubber band, hooked over a frame, on which you place both knees, whilst holding yourself up with your arms on the upper part of the frame. And yes, it looks suspiciously like a human catapult!  After some (nervous) laughter whilst trying to actually get up on the thing and some circus-level balancing skills to stop the wobbles happening, I was actually able to push out some dips. I'm actually surprised my triceps (otherwise affectionately known as bingo arms) don't hurt more today.

All up, the 45min session flew by amazingly fast and all was over. 

High five to us Lyn!

I expected to be a bit sore in my upper back and arms today, but actually not. My Pecs (pectoral/chest muscles) however are. Every time I go to move or lift something I can feel the entire area groaning at me. Thankfully after a rejuvenating facial which included a light therapeutic neck, shoulder & upper chest massage, all is well in my world again and ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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