Thursday, 7 May 2015

It's All About the Journey

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It's the Day after Training Day #2 - Which also happens to be the Day after Leg Day. 

This just about sums me up today. I had a sneaking suspicion things were going to get sore, but, jeepers, it's been a long time since I felt quite like this! It's strange how your body gets used to doing something, such as for me, running - I never get sore from that, tight yes, but not sore. But generally nothing a good massage wouldn't help. Leg Day brings a whole new dimension to Things. 'Things' like that fact we have a staircase in our house. 'Things' like the fact that as a girl one generally has to sit down to go to the toilet. Life is a tad unfair at times. 

One could almost be forgiven for thinking that a couple of rounds of squats, split-lunges & dead lifts would be a breeze. Well think again chick! I strongly suspect that whatever it is I've been doing at the gym previously I have not been doing correctly, and most definitely with not enough weights. I have to say, it felt really good pushing through the rounds yesterday morning, with Trainer Flick correcting my posture and technique. I can only say, thank goodness she's patient - it's astounding how quickly the brain forgets instructions. 

It went something like this - "lift your chest, head up, eyes forward and slowly - slower - lower into a deep squat - good! - slow it down, and push through on the way up". Doesn't sound too difficult yet somehow I managed to forget those few simple instructions on about every second or third repetition.

Four exercises, including warms ups and approximately 2 x 12reps of each and 45 minutes later and we were done.

And just like that Week One of my program is almost complete. And it's really not been scary at all. 
I  just have a 30min high intensity cardio session and a lower intense activity - core - to fit in and all will be repeated next week. 

So far my program has been given to me in a 2wk block. 
For me (and it's all individual), it's been broken into:
2 x 45min strength PT sessions
2 x low intensity activities (I took our dog Nora for a 30min light jog on Wednesday to complete one of those). The other could be core body work, 30min stretching or similar
1 x high intensity work-out for 30min (bike/spin), basically anything that gets the heart rate up.

Which, thankfully, all seems quite achievable.

We've not really touched much on nutrition yet, I'm eager for this to happen. Flick has to keep reminding me, that, as the MP quote goes "Success is a process, a journey; not a destination" - in other words, "Sarah, the reason you're doing this course over 12wks is to learn it and implement it into your daily life, one step at a time. Slow it down and it will come." 

Makes sense, I guess after all, you don't start school in Grade Prep expecting to already know everything you will learn through to Year 12. Just as Patrick reminded me, when following a 12wk training plan for one of my half-marathons I didn't start with being already able to run the full 21.1km distance. 

I'm just a little impatient. I want to know how to do it all and what I should be doing from the very beginning. So I shall finish up today with the words of a wise Tanzanian proverb: 
"Little by little, a little becomes a lot"

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