Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Reprogramming, Reconditioning and Non Surgical Butt-lifts

Having completed my pre-transformation questionnaire and having had a pre-training briefing with my lovely trainer (early) this morning, it became quite clear to me that I shall be undergoing some kind of reprogramming, on a couple of different levels. I wonder if I might be requested to remove, upgrade and replace a micro-chip, and pop it back in at the end of the 12 weeks, newly formulated and VOILA! 

Let me explain.

The purpose of the nutritional element of this transformation is to re-programme the metabolism. Think about it this way, how often have we said or heard the words "I have a slow metabolism" or "You're so lucky, you burn off your food easily and never seem to gain weight". Well, I know I have anyway, more times than I can remember. Well, it seems that by learning to eat the right type of foods, at the right time of day, depending on (my) exercise routine, I can re-programme my metabolism to work at its optimum level at all times. Forever. I certainly like the sound of this. 

This sounds very logical and oh so simple, however, there must be so much more to it, otherwise, why don't we all do this naturally? 

So, to re-programme one thing, I need to re-programme another, and that 'other' would be my brain and how my brain views food in general. Food is to be viewed as a fuel for my body to perform at it's best. (Makes sense really, after all, you wouldn't put diesel in a petrol car or vice-versa and expect it to run smoothly, if at all, would you?). I have to pretty much 'un-know' all the things about food and consumption that I've based my eating habits on for most of my adult life. Forget about counting calories or grams of fat or carbs., ignore little gimmicky food snacks sold as 'healthy options' in the food aisles. Back to basics. Make it real! 

In theory, this shouldn't be overly difficult. I eat a healthy, fresh, well-balanced diet as it is. I treat 'junk food' for what it is (junk) and enjoy the sweet-treats now and then. However, when you've spent a lifetime, as I have, reading labels & counting numbers, it really is quite alien to think that I won't have to do this anymore. Refreshing, but alien. Thus, by following the eating guidelines (which is neither a diet nor food plan), simply eating the right types of food, at the relevant times of the day, I will be reprogrammed.

Which brings me to reconditioning. The training element. 
I have, over the years, conditioned my body to train for cardio endurance (running). The training plan I will be following, will, in essence, be the polar opposite of that. I will be focusing on gaining strength to increase muscle mass. Something that doesn't bode well with endurance cardio training, which certainly helps to towards losing body fat, but doesn't do much for muscle tone in general. I am told that with my newly reconditioned body at the end of the 12wks, I will be able to run 'lighter' and more efficiently, however, I will have to build the distances up gradually once again. I think my dodgy calf will be more than grateful for that.

And so the last note for today goes to non-surgical butt-lifts.
Who (at least female and over the age of say 25) doesn't want a tighter, more lifted, toned butt? I know mine has been the bane of my life for as long as I can remember - I've been 'literally' running away from it for years, but the damn thing just keeps on following me around! I was once told that from the age of 25 the buttocks start dropping, about millimetre a year. Now if this is true, by the age of 45, One's Buttocks would be 2cm lower than where it started out. Taking a backward glance in the mirror, I actually believe this to be true. What good are those saddlebags of gloop that sit below the crease-line? They serve no purpose what-so-ever, yet they appear from nowhere and stubbornly remain, refusing to be tucked in neatly to even the most expensive pair of jeans. I, for one, have never quite cared for the idea of going under the knife and having it all sucked out, only for it to grow back again when least expected. It's time to take charge and tell those saddlebags where to go! Thankfully, I now have it on good-authority that this reprogrammed brain together with the reconditioned body will perform the self miracle of a non-surgical butt-lift!

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