Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Power of The Mindset: Pre-season

If there's one thing I learnt from my previous 'challenge', it was the importance of getting your mindset right before the onset.

2-years ago I embarked on the first epic journey into weight loss and a healthier, fitter me. I joined the Michelle Bridges 12wk Body Transformation Program. (I'm actually rather surprised to realise that it was 2-yrs ago already!)

I had mumbled and muttered for far too long about not being 'what' I wanted to be. I was fed-up with looking at photos of myself and not seeing the same image that I had in my head. Even the mirror was lying to me on a daily basis. Funny how we so often see ourselves as something different. I knew I was fairly fit as I was running regularly and could jog out a 10km when I put my mind to it, but it wasn't quite enough.

I'd flirted with various websites about weight loss "all new fitter you" type pages, and even glanced over the Michelle Bridges Facebook page (oh the power of advertising!). I must have randomly 'liked' it. But took it no further. A couple of weeks later a very good friend of mine asked if I was doing the Michelle Bridges 12wk Challenge as she'd seen me listed on the FB page. She also mentioned that she was thinking about doing it herself. At the time, I simply answered "No, I was just looking", but a couple of days of thinking later I changed my mind. The clincher for me was that this particular friend was already fit and sporty, and I certainly didn't think she had a weight challenge, but, if she felt that she could get something out of it, then, well, maybe I could too. So I signed up. There and then.

As it was only 10-days or so until the start of the Challenge, I immediately started receiving emails about this so called 'Pre-Season'. There were daily tips & video messages about getting your mind in the right place, clearing out the cupboards - ruthlessly - of junk and unnecessary packets of processed food, filling the fruit bowl with lots of fresh fruit etc. None of it was rocket science, and none of it was in reality anything I didn't already know. But it got me thinking, prepared and excited about what was to come.

And there you have it. It's all in the mindset. 

So, this week, officially marks my 'pre-season' to my new challenge. I have to admit that I haven't cleared the cupboards out but I do know that my willpower is strong when I put my mind to it. Instead of walking past the fruit bowl to get to the pantry to open up a convenience snack 'muesli bar' (read: high sugar bar), I know that I can stop at aforementioned fruit bowl and choose and apple or mandarin instead. I might even give myself a little pat on the shoulder for doing so ;)

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  1. well done....I agree with fruit bowl bit & the "high sugar bar" too !