Sunday, 19 April 2015

Why "Metabolic Precision" and what the heck is it really?

"Metabolic Precision 12 Week Transformation Program" ….

Hmmm. Well it certainly sounds very fancy! I must admit, my curiosity about it was tickled when I saw sexy ad's for it at my local gym, at which, I have a very on-off relationship. I've walked past the posters, glanced over the blurb and thought, "that sounds good, for those 'super-committed-muscle-flexing-Paleo eating-gym types', but I didn't really put myself in that category.

Let me paint a picture of myself. Don't get me wrong, I do like to keep fit. I am a pretty active person, not so good at sitting still, always needing some kind of project to fulfil or goal to reach. Just not usually at the gym. Over a period of years, I have created a pretty good relationship with my runners. These I can pop on at any given time that suits me, and run a distance that I have time for, at that moment. I don't have to plan around gym timetables, which coincidentally almost never fit my availability (or perhaps I just have a reason to be busy then?). My argument is always that I could have run around the block (figuratively speaking), got home, showered and changed all in a nick of the time it would take me to get to the gym (5-mins drive away), do my workout, plus add in some cardio and get back home again etc., etc.. So, when I do go to the gym, it's usually because I've a) put my back out and have to start working on my core all over again or b) completed my running goal for that time/season and need a change of scenery for a couple of weeks. Yep, not really what you'd call committed.

I've been given training programs plenty of times, with me, at the time, being oh-so-certain about what I want to achieve and what I will and won't do. These plans I wholeheartedly complete with gusto about 3-4 times per week for two, maybe three weeks. Then, little by little, I start to do a bit of my own thing, "to stop me from getting bored". This 'little of my own thing' very soon becomes almost nothing like the training plan I've been given, I get no results and fall back in love with my runners all over again.

So, why on earth have I signed up to this apparently very full-on 12wk Transformation Program when quite clearly I really don't know exactly what the heck it is and historically I really haven't really proven my gym-worthiness?

Answer, in short... I have a calf-injury that is not behaving nor healing in the manor to which I would prefer. I've had to set-aside my running goals for the next few months. (After many years of putting it off, I decided that this year would be the one that I would run my first full marathon (42.2km) in July on the Gold Coast. Part of this training was to be the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon, 4-wks from now. Even though I had trained up to 20km before my injury, it's now been almost four weeks and I'm still unable to run more than 1-2km's without trouble.) Common-sense got the better of me and I decided to pull-out of both events and do as my physiotherapist told me to and "DON'T RUN" until it's completely healed.

Which of course, left me goalless.

My husband has recently been training with the very fabulous Felicity O'Meara, Owner of Vikara Body Transformations, who does Metabolic Precision (I'll be calling it MP from now on). Of all people, my husband knows all too well how easily lethargic and irritable I get when I don't have a goal (plus I think he got fed up with me feeling a bit sorry for myself post injury). So he simply asked me what I had on at 6.30am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the next three months, confirmed that I had nothing planned, (certainly no other gym classes I could attend at that time ;) ) and booked me in. 

So, my transformation begins 2-wks from now, on Tuesday 5th May, yes, at 6.30am, at a place I've never been to, at least 20-mins drive away from here, with a trainer I've only ever admired from a distance and never thought for a second I would train with. She will, no doubt, kick-my-butt. Hopefully into a better shape than it currently is in. What do I know about MP? - still not much. My 'educated' guess is that it has something to do with training & eating in such a way to get your body to perform at it's peak metabolic rate. 

Bring it on!


  1. Yes, I loved my regular daily walks, so I know how you feel because its on hold now, till I get my back fixed !

  2. Got absolutely no doubt you will succeed and love it

    1. Hey Steve ! I am seeing a Chiro for my sciatica & its well and truly on the mend...shd be back to normal soon I hope.
      All the best to you & Sarah mate !