Friday, 12 June 2015

Six Weeks = Halfway = Check-in & Measure-up!

Wow! That six weeks has flown by in a blink of an eyelid. Seriously, I cannot believe I've been 'on the game' (hmmm might need to re-phrase that one) that long. AND that the half-way mark is done & dusted which means the countdown to the end of the programme begins. So, I guess it's time to come clean with just how things are really measuring up for me, on all counts, at this crucial halfway mark.

To re-cap, at the start of the programme, body parts were measured & photographed. Measurements included bust, waist, hips, thighs, butt, calves & upper arms. This programme did not include a weigh-in but I did this (and will forever do this) myself anyway. Curiosity just gets the better of this cat. You'll also remember that I posted pre-programme photos. These have also been been re-done, and I promise you they have not been photoshopped or air-brushed in any way. Such technical skills are way beyond me and sadly not included on the MP Programme.

Here goes;

Weights: - I have been consistently lifting heavier weights on a regular & consistant basis. I don't know what all of them are but the exercises are as follows. 

All exercises started with a base of 12 reps. At the 4wk mark we upped the weights and dropped to 10reps. I heard a rumour that this week starts the 8rep rounds. This surely means that the weights will be increased again...

Upper Body: - Lat-Pull Downs, Seated Row, Bench Press & Dips 
Lower Body:- Squats with Barbell, Dead-lifts (bent leg) & Split Lunges with Barbell. 

This may or may not mean something to you. Whatever. All I know is that I successfully dead-lifted 40kg (yes, 40!!) this week. And, as I've mentioned once or twice, my dips are coming along nicely (despite being THE dreaded exercise of each and every week).

Measurements: - I'm not going to give numbers for each (or any for that matter) body-part. BUT what I will say that all totals added together and compared with the originals I am in fact 12cm smaller/leaner than I started out. 12cm!!! Yay! Impressed? Shocked? Yeah, me too! But seriously, that happy dance is going on, right here right now!

Weight:- I've said from the beginning that this programme was, at least for me, never a weight-loss journey. For others it is. Good thing too or I'd be a bit disappointed at this stage. I, as most (females especially) have a constant weight fluctuation of a kilo or so. This makes it pretty hard to get a grip on any loss or gain unless it's significant. In my case, despite there being 12cm less of me (in case you missed it) my weight hasn't changed at all, at least nothing I can relate the programme to. This means, happily, that I have a decrease in fat and increase in lean muscle. Double Yay! 

And now for the photos. Always confronting, but I promised so I will deliver. It's a bit hard to see much change in photos, especially considering there's mostly only a 1cm difference in lots of areas (What? you can't see that I've lost a centimetre on each calf??) I think however, you can see the biggest change in the belly-fat area. This is where the biggest reduction has been made so far.

Couldn't resist flexing those new-found back & arm muscles ;)

Finally, further to my last post, I'd also like to add these photos to show that just one week later, good clean eating and an amazing facial (at the ever fabulous Endota Spa) my head is now almost clear of those ghastly break-outs. Patience really is a virtue. Catch up again soon! 

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